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LCPS strives towards learning and building knowledge on the contentious and critical issues of the Lebanese and regional contexts in order to provide credible and relevant analysis of the various policy challenges facing our society.

We conduct objective and scholarly research that seeks to collect accurate and timely information on existing practices, policies and legislations that would enrich and foster understanding of the core issues of the economy, the society, and politics.

Our research program concentrates on eleven key areas listed below:

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Agriculture, Industry and Trade

Assessing the Politics of Aid

Consociationalism and Sectarianism
Development and Growth
Fiscal and Budget
Job Creation and Development

Establishing Public-Private Dialogue to Enhance Export Capacity


Identifying Lagging Areas for Investment


Judicial Reform in Lebanon

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Training


Securing a Place for Lebanese Labor in the Petroleum Sector

Petroleum, Electricity and Environment
Political Parties

Informing Political Candidates


Political Party Development in the Arab World

Political Representation
Politics and Elections

Promoting Transparency in Lebanon’s Electoral and Political Processes

Public Administration

Fighting Corruption in the Public Administration


Policy Program: The National Issues Forums


Postwar Institutional Development in Lebanon: an Assessment for Foreign Assistance


Assessing Socio-Economic Vulnerabilities in Palestinian Gatherings


Building the Capacity of Municipalities and Promoting Refugees’ Agency


Promoting Local Resilience for Long-Term Peace


Promoting Stability in Light of the Refugee Crisis

Social Issues

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