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Oil and Gas

October 25, 2017
Oil and Gas Training

LCPS’s partnership with NRGI facilitated the training and knowledge building of government officials, journalists, and activists from across the MENA region who took part in LCPS’s third annual oil and gas training from 25 October to 3 November. The week-long plus event entailed participants attending courses covering a range of issues related to the oil and gas sector, including legal frameworks, fiscal regimes, corruption, revenue management, economic diversification, and environmental concerns.
On 2 November, training participants were invited to attend a conference titled “How Are Resource-Dependent MENA Countries Coping with Low Oil Prices? Governance, Macroeconomics and Diversification.” This conference tackled issues such as diversification, governance, macroeconomic policy in oil-producing states; challenges associated with diversification; and challenges that Lebanon will face as it enters the club of petroleum-producing states.  
The following day, 3 November, LCPS invited leading members of think tanks, researchers, members of civil society, and academics to participate in a roundtable to discuss prospects for economic diversification and what would be required from a political economy perspective to do so. Participants discussed issues such as what economic transformation entails, how it would affect labor markets, what types of industries have the potential to grow in economies of regional oil producing states, and state capabilities and willingness to engage in large scale transformations of their economies. 

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