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January 11, 2000
Linking Economic Growth and Social Development in Lebanon

This conference was a timely contribution to the current Lebanese debate on public choices and strategic orientations for the economy and society into the next decade, during which policymakers and practitioners in government, civil society, the private sector, development agencies and the media deliberated about how best to link economic and social development in Lebanon in order to create an efficacious cycle of human progress and growth. Participants discussed background and situation analysis, core issues and problems, and options, choices, and alternative policy recommendations. During the ten sessions, local and international experts made about fifty presentations on a variety of topics such as budgetary analysis, the national debt, social development, labor markets and globalization.
This conference was organized in collaboration with the UNDP, with substantive support from UN-DESA and in partnership with the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Social Affairs.

The results of the workshop were published in a book entitled:
Linking Economic Growth and Social Development (LEGSD)

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