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March 05, 2000
Development and Institutional Reforms in the MENA Region: Justice and Local Governance Mediterranean Development Forum (MDF3)

The third meeting of the Mediterranean Development Forum (MDF3) brought together over 600 leading figures from business, government, academia, NGOs and the media to reexamine MENA development priorities and set new strategies on how to face new challenges throughout the region. Based on the theme "Voices for Change, Partners for Prosperity," MDF3 emphasized the importance of an inclusive approach for change by forging innovative partnerships in order to create new opportunities for economic and social progress in the MENA region. The workshop attempted to focus on the on-going process of institutional reform in three key institutions of the region: the judiciary, local government and the public sector. Participants researched and debated how best to use an equitable and sustainable development process to make institutional reforms in the MENA region that function to the greatest advantage of the people.

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