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February 01, 2013
Lebanese Attach Strong Importance to Holding Elections

In preparation for the 2013 legislative elections and in support of the Civil Campaign for Electoral Reform (CCER), LCPS conducted four focus groups between 6 and 8 February 2013 to understand voters’ perceptions regarding the upcoming elections as well as their expectations from the elections. The key findings are:
- Citizens want parliamentary elections to be held on time to avoid a constitutional vacuum and prevent a deterioration in security;
- Voters associate timely elections with the seriousness of the political process;
- However, most citizens plan to use the election to vote for the parties currently in power to confirm their claim as a majority;
- Citizens are largely unaware of the electoral reforms debate taking place in the country. The division of the districts seems to be one of the few issues that is associated with reforms;
- Voters expert their MPs to provide services and basic needs such as water, health, education as well as job opportunities. 

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