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June 18, 1997
Occupational Safety In Lebanese Industry

This symposium on occupational safety in Lebanese factories and industries brought together a number of industrialists, union representatives, environmentalists, and occupational health specialists. It featured a presentation by Tannous Shalhoub of the Lebanese University, who was in the process of completing a study on the subject based on a sample survey of selected industrial establishments.  Dr. Shalhoub underlined the need for review and modernization of occupational safety legislation, for the stricter enforcement of current legislation, and for growing awareness and further research on the issue. In his final paper, Dr. Shalhoub took comments and suggestions made during the workshop discussion period into consideration.

The results of the conference were published in a policy paper entitled: Industrial Safety and the Work Environment in Lebanese Industry.

This symposium was organized in cooperation with the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

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