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February 22, 2013
Raising a Different Kind of Political Awareness in Lebanon

Lunch talk with activist Nadine Moawad

Nadine Moawad, an activist specialized in Gender, was invited by LCPS on 22 February 2013 to share her experiences and take part in one of the center’s ‘Informal Lunch Talk’ series. A founding member of the feminist collective ‘Nasawiya’, she ultimately aims for a world free from sexism and other forms of discrimination. 
Ms. Moawad explained that public announcements made by Lebanese politicians and their positions regarding laws and legislations concerning women are alarming and unacceptable. After spending many years in the field, Moawad concludes that “the western world’s way” of lobbying and advocacy does not work in Lebanon. She took us through the movement and work she is currently setting up in association with other activists and organizations. Their efforts are directed at “how to take advantage of the upcoming elections to push for change.” Ideas such as: “the White Vote”, “the Boycott Campaign”, “Comic Stunts”, and “Nominating independent candidates to run against the traditional ones”; were presented during the lunch talk. “Electoral Behavior” and what drives people to vote in a paralyzed system, one of the topics that LCPS is currently working on, were also part of the discussion. LCPS’ team explored collaborative options with Ms. Moawad and Nasawiya and how the center can help such movements achieve their goals. The team and Moawad discussed perceptions and misperceptions, and insisted that the struggle in Lebanon is income-rooted and not a sectarian one. The lunch was concluded on the idea that “the need to create hope” is a key objective of any project; and that practical steps in research, advocacy, and awareness should be made to get out of the stalemate situation.

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