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June 21, 2013
Decentralization, Democratization and Service Delivery in the Arab World

Within the framework of its research project funded by the Open Society Foundations on decentralization, democratization, and the role of regional administrations for better service delivery in the Arab world, LCPS brought together on Friday 21 June 2013, the authors of the five country reports who presented their first drafts. The country reports study decentralization and service delivery in the Arab world along three components: i) the making and politics of decentralization; ii) the legislation and practice of service delivery; and iii) the fiscal structures of decentralization. In all three components, authors have been asked to understand the legal framework guiding the studied component, its evolution over time, and its actual practice. One of our main aims is identifying and qualifying the gaps and hurdles that impede the implementation of a more decentralized and democratic system of governance, but also how these gaps are being navigated, circumvented and adjusted.

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