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Roundtable discussion

January 26, 2012
A Constitution Between Two Constitutions: A Constitutional Proposal Based on the Rotation of Power between Communities and Equality Between Citizens

As part of a series, LCPS held a roundtable discussion regarding political reforms in Lebanon in light of regional changes.The discussion emphasized amending the Lebanese constitution based on respect for peace and coexistence among Lebanon’s various communities and guaranteeing equality among citizens. The rotation of power among the four constitutional institutions (Presidency, Parliament, Council of Ministers, and the soon to-be established Senate) was recommended which required a redefinition of their responsibilities. The proposal prompted a much needed debate on what kind of political system Lebanon should have in light of regional changes currently taking place in the Arab world. 

LCPS published a report synthesizing the key elements of the proposal as well as the comments and feedback by the participants.
The event was hosted in coordination with the National Endowment for Democracy.

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